Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brewers John Axford Due Big Raise Plus Twitter Follow

Milwaukee Brewers closer John Axford and Brewers assistant general manager Gord Ash are reportedly trying to work out a deal on a multi-year contract. The deadline for renewing 2012 team contracts is tomorrow. Axford is the only brewer on the 40-man roster not under contract, and his agent says things will pick up in March.

The Ax-man is do a raise to the major league minimum $480,000 for this year, which is a healthy raise over last year. The talk is leaning towards a one-year deal, and working with his agent Dan Horwitz on a long-term deal later, which could turn out to be costly for the Brewers.

A Multi-million dollar deal for John Axford would help secure him and his family, and allow him to concentrate on his duties as closer without any distractions.
Axford has pitched his way to over 70 saves in two years, and his 46 saves last year tied for the National League saves title. Not bad for a pitcher who almost quit baseball a few years ago, and was selling cell phones and bartending for a living.

The Twitter bug has landed close to John Axford, and he has quite a following, that I am sure will continue to swell, along with his success. Follow him on Twitter here.

The Brewers will play there first spring training game Sunday March 4th against the San Francisco Giants at 2:05 PM central time.  Brewers game on Monday against the Giants is scheduled for 8:35 PM central time and will be televised on the MLB network
 Go Brewers! till next time.