Saturday, January 14, 2012

NFL Playoff Game Day Predictions

Here we are at the divisional playoff weekend, the hype and the usual trash talking, predictions and player guaranteed win talk, make for interesting reading, First off my thoughts on these games are going to be short and sweet, no rambling about stats, today is game day for two Match ups.
First off the New Orleans Saints are on the road at the San Francisco 49ers and Candlestick Park, the Saints have had some success rushing to compliment there record breaking passing game. I don't see that happening against the number one rushing defense of the 49ers, the Saints Drew Brees will have put up big numbers passing, for the Saints to win.
Jim Harbaugh first year coach for the 49ers, has done a great job turning the team around. Harbaugh signed a 5 year deal, in January 2011. I think the 49ers at home, and the way Harbaugh has the team on a roll, I think it will continue this weekend. So my Prediction is 49ers in close one, 23-20

The second game, the Denver Broncos at New England Patriots will be a match up the Super bowl Veteran Quarterback of the Patriots Tom Brady, and Broncos QB Tim Tebow, will it be Tebow time once again? This game will also showcase the Quarterback position, Tebow mania is at an all time  high going into today's game. The two met back in December, Tom Brady led the Patriots to a 41-23 win. I look for The Patriots Tom Brady to have a  big game, Tebow time will give the Broncos a chance to move on, but will come up short, maybe next year! My Prediction is Patriots 31-24.

My Picks
  1. San Francisco 49ers over New Orleans Saints, 23-20  Today on FOX 4:30 ET
  2. New England Patriots over Denver Broncos, 31-24    Today on CBS 8:00 ET
  3. More Picks Sunday! Jan-15