Thursday, January 12, 2012

Packers Defensive Scheme Spells Trouble?

Sunday may expose the theory, Defense wins games in the NFL. Packers rank dead last  on defense,412 yards given up, compared to the Giants 377, and the media has been running with those statistics, the whole second half of the season.
Fans and media have questioned, why is Dom Capers sticking to the same plan? one of the questions we here most, is why do we give receivers so much room, off the line of scrimmage! this has always bugged me, and sure it bothers many arm chair Quarterbacks.
Take them out of their routes, mess with there timing, give our pass rush, and Clay Matthews that extra second to make the big play!

On offense we can score allot of points, and we score fast, is that good?
What happens when the Offense struggles, like the Chiefs game. The Defense may not always win games, which in the packers case, has shown they can win. The time of Possession has been very lopsided, not in our favor, which can be a big factor, leaving the defense run down near the end of the game.

Many times Aaron Rodgers has been caught on camera, looking disgusted, after a quick score by the Opponents, putting pressure for the offense to go out make another big drive. I wrote a post previously, about how the defense needs changes. I think Dom Capers will pull some tricks on defense, lets hope he has something up his sleeve, and the Packers show that maybe the defense does win Games.

Mike McCarthy's Packers have came to play all season, let's hope Dom Capers plan is a good one!
The weather in Green Bay can be a factor, but may not effect the Giants, like it would the  49er's or the Saints. I am still holding to my Prediction, from a previous article. Packers 34-20

You can find a live Packers web cast schedule Here!