Friday, March 23, 2012

Packers Sign Ex Colt Center Jeff Saturday-Tebow Time?

The Green Bay Packers and free agent center Jeff Saturday, agreed to a contract on Friday according to ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter. According to sources, Saturday was not in the team’s plans going forward and the Colts told him they were willing to give him a front-office job. Saturday will fill the void at center after losing Scott Wells, who signed last week with the St. Louis Rams.
Saturday will turn 37 in June; and the Packers were concerned about age when negotiating with Wells. No word yet on the agreement terms. I would be very surprised if there was much money guaranteed, as the Packers were not willing to sign Scott Wells at age 31 to a long-term contract, which I wrote about last week. My guess is the Packers will still look to the draft to sign a center, and hope for a couple of good years from Saturday.

Aaron Rodgers should benefit from the proven veteran Jeff Saturday, a five-time Pro Bowler in 13 seasons, who has given up no more than two sacks in a season since 2008. Sources say Rogers was happy to hear of the agreement on Friday with Jeff Saturday.

A few days ago there was talk that the Packers were interested in Tim Tebow of the Broncos as a possible backup to Aaron Rodgers, after backup and free agent Matt Flynn signed with the Seattle Seahawks. As we all know now, Tebow has signed with the New York Jets, what you may not know is that Tim Tebow’s NFL jersey was number two in sales behind the Packers Aaron Rodgers. Tebow mania is in the news; sources say Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is not happy with the Tebow signing, and reports are that Tebow intends to be the starting quarterback in New York, watch this video.

Update! reports now are that agreement with center Jeff Saturday is for a two-year contract.

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