Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl Parties and Bets

Wow! The Super bowl kickoff is about 22 hours from this writing, parties are underway in cities everywhere, and of course the big doings are in the host city, Indianapolis.
What a big Party day the Super Bowl has grown into all over the world. For the last two weeks, the advertising and commercials for food, places to watch the game and the Pro Bowl last weekend, contributing to the hype.

Pro Bowl players were allowed to Tweet during the game! Are you kidding me?
Twitter has become such a big tool, instant news or message, anyone and all things that interest you, if you want to know or share, Tweet!

Bettors are in heaven on Super Bowl Sunday, you can wager on anything about the game, over or Under, Coin toss, First score, and first penalty, anything you want! Just think of it, and you can make a wager in Vegas. Check this Bet Link
I almost forgot my buddy Dave, is out in Vegas for the Super Bowl again this year, lucky Guy!  Suppose it is time to give him a call, what should we bet on? Hmmm. Come on Man! I wish Americas team, the Green Bay Packers were the team we could try one of them silly bets. Oh well!

Okay, I will make a prediction on the score, but my bets are private for obvious reasons, here we go! The Giants over the Patriots 30-24. There you have it, enjoy the day and stay safe my friends. Till next time.       

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