Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prince Fielder Gone but not Forgotten

The Detroit Tigers Prince Fielder, what! something sounds funny about this news clip. The Brewers and the Milwaukee faithful, and fans like me! I think will miss Prince, Big time! How can you not miss the smile, the clowning around in the dugout? And then have Prince Step into the batter’s box, and take care of business. The tape measure Home runs, walks, hit by pitch, whatever it took to help the team. Prince Memories here

I really did not see myself feeling the loss of Prince, until he actually signed with the Detroit Tigers. I wish us all, had a dollar for every time a video of Prince hitting a tape measure shot, has been shown on every sports cast the last few days. Good luck to ya, Prince

On the other hand, “Matt Gamel said he is coming to spring training in his best shape ever” and that this, may be his last shot at making it. Gamel has some awful big shoes to fill at first base, but in my opinion if he plays every day, Matt will prove he belongs in the majors.
The addition of Aramis Ramirez at 3rd, will add some power, and Alex Gonzalez at SS, should add the needed strength on the left side. The Pitching I think should be a strong point again, Shaun Marcum news? Any rumors you want to share? I am going to leave it at that for now, but I think the Brewers are well positioned to make a run for the post season again in 2012. 

Let’s here some noise! leave your opinion.  

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