Monday, January 16, 2012

Packers Season ends on Sour note

The Green Bay Packers season, ended in Lambeau Field Sunday, leaving fans stunned, dazed and wondering what happened. The media and fans of Americas team, all but guaranteed the Packers would repeat as Super Bowl Champs.
The Giants came to Green Bay, a team that rediscovered there defense and running game.
Eli Manning looked sharp all day, at times he stood in the pocket, seeming like he could have taken a nap. Dom Capers defensive plan, went unchanged in the post season, a real disappointment.    
I wrote an article last week, about how the Packers defensive scheme could spell trouble.

The news today is, Dom Capers may interview for the Raiders head coaching job. Fans have to wonder what Dom has been doing, he sure hasn't been changing up his Defensive Schemes. The Media has talked about how the packers defense, dead last in yards given up, and how no team has won the Super Bowl form that position. Dom Capers failed to make changes, he must not follow the media, maybe he was looking to far ahead, than in the present.
Mike McCarthy was talked about being the best coach in the NFL on Sundays broadcast, I think he is definitely in the top tier, but one would think when a game plan is talked about, the head coach would maybe, look at a making a change on defense. Come on Man!

Now we have to mention the Offense, the Packers set many records on offense this year, but you had to figure there would be hiccups, we scored a record amount of points, which helped us keep leads in most games. The hope was our defense would settle in as the season rolled on, and those hiccups on offense would not factor in a loss. Yes there were drops and fumbles, but Aaron Rodgers and the whole offense, got us to the Post season. Our defense stood pat, and i fully expected to see a change, it never happened. Time will tell if changes will be made. How many times do we have to hear, Defense wins games? The Packers had a great season! When your on top, you want to stay there, the only way is down, it just ended to soon for us Fans.

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