Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brewer Baseball Fever or weather Fever?

A sure sign Brewers baseball fever is awakening, the talk about Bobbleheads, and which games are to be televised on Fox Sports Wisconsin, are questions asked on social media sites Twitter, and Facebook.

Wisconsin weather temps have been well above normal this winter. What snow that has fallen, does not last; the forecast today is for near record highs, in the low 50’s. Grilling out has picked up recently, and with that brings the Brats, beer and baseball talks. 

No news on Ryan Brauns appeal yet, we are about two weeks into the process which can take up to 25 days. I think we will here something soon, keep your fingers crossed. For those who don't have tickets for Opening Day, you can sign up for the lottery system until 2/14 11:59p.m. Tickets here.

I fell for the fever, weather thing also. The look of my site has switched to a Brewers theme, from the Packer colors. The Brewers n Packers blog will work the same as far as content, this theme will run until you the readers come to a consensus on when, or if this Blog should change with the seasons. Leave a comment; let me know what you think. 
Have to run out and enjoy this weather! Till next time.     

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