Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brewer Baseball Fever or weather Fever?

A sure sign Brewers baseball fever is awakening, the talk about Bobbleheads, and which games are to be televised on Fox Sports Wisconsin, are questions asked on social media sites Twitter, and Facebook.

Wisconsin weather temps have been well above normal this winter. What snow that has fallen, does not last; the forecast today is for near record highs, in the low 50’s. Grilling out has picked up recently, and with that brings the Brats, beer and baseball talks. 

No news on Ryan Brauns appeal yet, we are about two weeks into the process which can take up to 25 days. I think we will here something soon, keep your fingers crossed. For those who don't have tickets for Opening Day, you can sign up for the lottery system until 2/14 11:59p.m. Tickets here.

I fell for the fever, weather thing also. The look of my site has switched to a Brewers theme, from the Packer colors. The Brewers n Packers blog will work the same as far as content, this theme will run until you the readers come to a consensus on when, or if this Blog should change with the seasons. Leave a comment; let me know what you think. 
Have to run out and enjoy this weather! Till next time.     

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brewers On Deck for Record Ticket Sales Again

The Milwaukee Brewers are set to break another record this year for tickets sold. Brewers COO Rick Schlesinger said, “Ticket sales are well ahead of last year, and had sold one million tickets on Dec 22 for the 2012 season" That is roughly one month earlier than the record set last year. The 2011 Brewers attendance record of 3,071,373 fans could be broke, despite the loss of Prince Fielder, and the still pending appeal of Ryan Braun. The Braun appeal process is under way, as of around Jan 19th, the decision process can last up to 25 days. The Brewers On Deck is under way today at the Frontier Airlines Center, Ryan Braun withdrew out of the On Deck event, Brewers owner Mark Attanasio gave his approval due to the sensitivity of the appeal.
Most of the Brewers players were expected to be in attendance, autograph sessions with past and present players, and announcer's, including Hall Of Famers picture here RobinYount, Rollie Fingers, and hall of fame announcer Bob Uecker, new Brewers, Arimas Ramirez, and Alex Gonzalez, to name a few.
John Axford talking to Rollie Fingers would likely draw lots of attention at the event. Corey hart will also be questioned about playing First Base for a limited amount of games, with Matt Gamel getting first shot for the position left open with Fielders move to the Tigers. Spring training being just around the corner, with three weeks until pitchers and catchers report Feb 19th, Let's get it started already!  Till next time! 

Sign up for Tickets to the Brewers Opening Day game, a lottery system here.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prince Fielder Gone but not Forgotten

The Detroit Tigers Prince Fielder, what! something sounds funny about this news clip. The Brewers and the Milwaukee faithful, and fans like me! I think will miss Prince, Big time! How can you not miss the smile, the clowning around in the dugout? And then have Prince Step into the batter’s box, and take care of business. The tape measure Home runs, walks, hit by pitch, whatever it took to help the team. Prince Memories here

I really did not see myself feeling the loss of Prince, until he actually signed with the Detroit Tigers. I wish us all, had a dollar for every time a video of Prince hitting a tape measure shot, has been shown on every sports cast the last few days. Good luck to ya, Prince

On the other hand, “Matt Gamel said he is coming to spring training in his best shape ever” and that this, may be his last shot at making it. Gamel has some awful big shoes to fill at first base, but in my opinion if he plays every day, Matt will prove he belongs in the majors.
The addition of Aramis Ramirez at 3rd, will add some power, and Alex Gonzalez at SS, should add the needed strength on the left side. The Pitching I think should be a strong point again, Shaun Marcum news? Any rumors you want to share? I am going to leave it at that for now, but I think the Brewers are well positioned to make a run for the post season again in 2012. 

Let’s here some noise! leave your opinion.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Prince Fielder to Detroit Tigers Deal Reported

The Detroit Tigers and Prince Fielder have agreed to a 9 year deal, worth a reported $214 Million. The contract would average around 23.8 Million per season.

The signing by the Tigers was not expected by most news outlets.
Fielders Father, Cecil Fielder played for Detroit for 7 seasons, when Prince could be seen in the Tiger’s dugout as a boy. Fielder had been rumored, to have been linked to the Nationals, Rangers, Cubs, Mariners, and the Dodgers recently. Scott Boras, Prince Fielder’s agent, reportedly was seeking a 10 year deal, for his client.

Prince Fielder played 7 seasons for the Milwaukee Brewers, Prince played in all 162 regular season games in 2011, and 2009, and 161 games in 2010, A career .282 hitter, with 230 Home runs, in 6 full seasons, Prince appeared in 39 games his first year in 2005. More stats for Prince Fielder can be found here.

Milwaukee Brewers a Recipe of Memories

The Brewers start spring training on February 19th, with the Pitchers and catchers reporting first. The Position players report one day later on Monday the 20th.
The 2012 Brewers season, I think looks to be an exciting, and winning season, again this year. There will be obstacles which every team deals with, but the best organizations can overcome the glitches to stay on a winning path.

Mark Attanasio, and the ownership group, have a vision for the team. As a fan, we can see the confidence the players have on the field, and in the dugout. The Attanasio family are visible, approachable, and attend many games, leaving those in attendance a feeling of attachment to the Milwaukee Brewers.     

The Experience in Miller Park, and the tailgating, makes for life long memories. The marketing of the Brewers is remarkable to see the younger kids enjoying a ball game, brings back allot of memories. The technology that the younger generation has today can be a distraction, but seeing them at the ballpark is awesome.

I have many memories of attending Brewer games, one that stands out, was way back in 1970, September 16th a Wednesday; my grandpa was visiting us from Prairie du chien, and the brewers were scheduled to play the Oakland Athletics at Milwaukee County stadium. The plan was for my parents to take my grandpa to the game, being the game was to start at 8:00p.m. and a school night, I was not able to go. My Grandpa seeing my disappointment, said to my folks "if Mark isn’t going I am not going" and as you can guess I was able take in that wonderful experience, one you never forget.

I still have an official scorecard, cost .25cents, and my ticket stubs, Lower Grandstand, $3.00.
I am starting to get the fever writing this after a few tears, reliving the 70’s.
Please share a memory of yours if you would. Let’s go Brewers, Let’s go Brewers.   
You can sign up for opening day tickets, a lottery system here!   

Rollie Fingers, pitched a complete game, and hit a home run in the 9th inning, wow! has enough left in the tank, in the 9th, to hit a home run. 
Wednesday, September 16, 1970 8:01PM
, County Stadium
Attendance: 6,161, Time of Game: 2:18

 Won 2 
2nd, 7 GB
at Brewers
 Lost 2 
5th, 32 GB
W: Rollie Fingers (7-9)
L: Lew Krausse (13-17)
                1  2  3   4  5  6   7  8  9    R  H  E
                -  -  -   -  -  -   -  -  -    -  -  -
Athletics       2  0  0   0  0  1   0  0  1    4 10  0
Brewers         0  1  0   0  0  0   0  0  0    1  8  0 

Starting Lineups

Oakland Athletics
Milwaukee Brewers
1 Bert Campaneris SS
1 Tommy Harper 3B
2 Joe Rudi LF
2 Russ Snyder RF
3 Felipe Alou RF
3 Dave May CF
4 Don Mincher 1B
4 Ted Savage LF
5 Sal Bando 3B
5 Mike Hegan 1B
6 Reggie Jackson CF
6 Roberto Pena SS
7 Dave Duncan C
7 Phil Roof C
8 Dick Green 2B
8 Ted Kubiak 2B
9 Rollie Fingers P
9 Lew Krausse P

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Giants and Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI

The Giants win in overtime, over the 49ers, in a seesaw game, on a rain soaked day in San Francisco. The Giants capitalized on a fumbled punt, and kicked a 31 yard field goal, to advance to Super Bowl 46. Lawrence Tynes kicked the 31-yard field goal in overtime, lifting the New York Giants to a 20-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday.
The Giants scored twice on muffed punts, by the 49ers kick returner, Kyle Williams, for 10 Points, the second time, lead to the game winning field goal.
Eli Manning was 32/58 for 316yds 2td and 1 fumble, Manning was sacked 6 times, by the 49ers top ranked defense, but the Giants, had the ball nearly 40 minutes.

Alex Smith was 12/26 196yds and 2td passing, and 42yds rushing. Frank Gore added 74 yds rushing in 16 carries, but in the end, the 49ers storybook season was cut short, at home, in Candlestick Park.
Jim Harbaugh Took the 49ers, to a 13-3 record in his first season as coach, and fell just short, of  a possible Super Bowl, match up between coaching brothers. John Harbaugh the head coach of the  Baltimore Ravens, lost earlier to the Patriots, 23-20.   
The Giants will face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI on February 5 in Indianapolis.

Patriots Stun Ravens advance to Super Bowl 46

The AFC Title game was a fight, back and forth, interceptions, and fumbles, all the way to the end, the New England Patriots or the Baltimore Ravens. Who would represent the AFC in the Super Bowl? The game came down to a field goal, to tie the game. Ravens kicker, Billy Cundiff missed a 32 yard field goal, with 11 seconds left in regulation, which would have tied the game.
The Patriots held off the Ravens 23-20 to represent the AFC in Indianapolis on February 5th against the Winner of the New York Giants, San Francisco 49er’s game.

 Joe Flacco had the better numbers in the passing game, 22/36 for ‘306yds’ 2 TD 1 INT, for the Ravens. While Tom Brady’s numbers were 22/36 for ‘239yds’ 0 TD and 2 INT. but it would not be enough for the Ravens.
The game could have went either way, the winning touchdown was scored by Tom Brady, with a 1 yard leap over the Ravens defensive line, in the 4th quarter, after he failed on a Quarterback sneak, the play before. The Patriots Tom Brady will start in his 5th Super Bowl, in 11 seasons for the Patriots.
Patriots now will face the winner of the NFC title game being played now between The Giants and 49ers in San Francisco, in the Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dolphins Hire Philbin for Head Coach - from Packers

The Miami Dolphins will hire Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin to be their next head coach, a league source told NFL Network's Michael Lombardi Friday. Philbin was one of three finalists for the head coach job.
The Packers could lose other coaching staff, as an article I posted earlier you can find here, and players who are free agents, or contracts expiring, like Matt Flynn, Aaron Rodgers backup.
Flynn had a record setting game for the Packers, Flynn threw for six TD in the last regular season game, while Rodgers and other starters rested, for the upcoming playoffs at the time.

The Dolphins have a need for a franchise Quarterback, that’s were Flynn could fit in nicely. The Dolphins interim coach Todd Bowles, also interviewed for the head coach, and is well liked by the players; Bowles could stay on as Defensive Coordinator. Bowles reportedly has interviewed for the Raiders Head Coach job also.

The Packers Mike McCarthy has nothing but praise for Joe Philbin; his Family has gone through a tough time, with the tragic death of their son. Philbin was away with his family, and returned for the Packers, Giants playoff game. McCarthy said it was not expected, it was not asked of him. But Joe's a class act." More on this news here!

Packers Philbin On Short List for Dolphins Head Coach

The Green Bay Packers Offensive coordinator Joe Philbin has been busy, Philbin has interviewed for the Miami Dolphins head coaching position, a second interview was held Wednesday with the Dolphins, and later, he was to interview for the head coach, for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Dolphins reported by the Miami Herald, also have interviewed the Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy, For head coach. The Dolphins interim coach Todd Bowles is also under consideration. Speculation is the Dolphins are close to making a Decision on their new head coach. The coaching carousel is picking up steam, as I wrote in a previous article, you can read here. Success brings losses, successful professional sports franchises have  trouble keeping their coaching staff together, much like there top players leave for greener pastures. Sports teams are like any business, and will pay, top dollar for the best personnel available.  Get more Green Bay Packer news here.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prince Fielder Signs with who?

The Prince Fielder Saga is still dragging on. Money seems to be the big reason; I say Money meaning revenue from sports networks in big metro areas. The teams mentioned in a Fielder bidding war are all in big TV markets, Teams negotiating new TV market contracts, are waiting to see how much money, and long there contracts’ will run.
Here lies the problems’ facing the small market teams. The revenue sharing has helped small market teams stay afloat, but not able to keep free agents from bolting for the big markets.
The Texas Rangers  Signed Japanese Ace Yu Darvish to a six year $60 Million deal, plus the $51.7 Million posting fee, you would think Prince Fielders chances, do not look good to sign with the Rangers.
A TV deal worth $3Billion starting in 2014 and the Rangers already receiving $100 Million up front, leaves's the Rangers with deep pockets of cash. So are they still interested?
The Washington Nationals are also believed to be in the running for Fielder, as our The Chicago Cubs, both teams have the cash and need a Power hitter.The Florida Marlins would be a nice fit for Prince Fielder also, his home is in Orlando Florida, also rumored interested are the Seattle Mariners.
Poker is a funny game, seems like the players are weed laying, nearing the end, who will go all in?   

Brewers Ryan Braun is going to accept the NL MVP award in New York Saturday, and expected to give a speech afterwards, his speech will be his first in public, since his positive drug test, was leaked out last year. I have read some articles recently calling for Braun to turn down the Award, and for him to come clean, if he did use PED's. Time will tell, and the truth will come out, we Brewers fans hope everything works out for Ryan Braun, and the Milwaukee Brewers organization.   

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brewers K-ROD Agree To One Year Deal

The Brewers and Francisco Rodriguez, reliever and set up man for John Axford, agreed to a reported $8 Million contract, shortly before the noon CT deadline, for arbitration eligible players. Rodriguez a closer through his career, accepted the set up position with the brewers last year, speculation is he would like to be a closer again.K-Rod made $11.5 Million in 2011 and could be traded to a team needing a closer. The $8 Million contract would make a trade more managable, than the figure some thought would be in the range of the $11.5 Million he earned last year.
That leaves Pitchers Shaun Marcum, Kameron Loe, and Jose Veras, as unsigned as of this writing.

The Brewers Craig Counsell announced his retirement this morning, and will take a position in the Brewers front office. The 16 year veteran an Milwaukee native (Whitefish Bay) played a pivotal role, filling in at 3rd base,Shortstop, and second base. The veteran also had a valuable presence in the clubhouse, with the younger players. The reported position is, Special Assistant to Doug Melvin.

Update  The Brewers reportedly have come to an agreement with reliever Kameron Loe, no details yet.
also Norichika Aoki the Japanese star and the Brewers are working out a multi year deal. that leaves Marcum, and Veras that can still be signed even after the deadline. 

Update! Norichika Aoki deal here.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Packers Season ends on Sour note

The Green Bay Packers season, ended in Lambeau Field Sunday, leaving fans stunned, dazed and wondering what happened. The media and fans of Americas team, all but guaranteed the Packers would repeat as Super Bowl Champs.
The Giants came to Green Bay, a team that rediscovered there defense and running game.
Eli Manning looked sharp all day, at times he stood in the pocket, seeming like he could have taken a nap. Dom Capers defensive plan, went unchanged in the post season, a real disappointment.    
I wrote an article last week, about how the Packers defensive scheme could spell trouble.

The news today is, Dom Capers may interview for the Raiders head coaching job. Fans have to wonder what Dom has been doing, he sure hasn't been changing up his Defensive Schemes. The Media has talked about how the packers defense, dead last in yards given up, and how no team has won the Super Bowl form that position. Dom Capers failed to make changes, he must not follow the media, maybe he was looking to far ahead, than in the present.
Mike McCarthy was talked about being the best coach in the NFL on Sundays broadcast, I think he is definitely in the top tier, but one would think when a game plan is talked about, the head coach would maybe, look at a making a change on defense. Come on Man!

Now we have to mention the Offense, the Packers set many records on offense this year, but you had to figure there would be hiccups, we scored a record amount of points, which helped us keep leads in most games. The hope was our defense would settle in as the season rolled on, and those hiccups on offense would not factor in a loss. Yes there were drops and fumbles, but Aaron Rodgers and the whole offense, got us to the Post season. Our defense stood pat, and i fully expected to see a change, it never happened. Time will tell if changes will be made. How many times do we have to hear, Defense wins games? The Packers had a great season! When your on top, you want to stay there, the only way is down, it just ended to soon for us Fans.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

NFL Sunday Divisional Predictions

The San Francisco 49ers won Saturday 36-32 at Candlestick Park over the New Orleans Saints, to advance to the NFC Championship game. San Francisco will play the winner of the Packers and Giants game played today at 4:30 ET on Fox. The NFC Championship Game is Sun Jan 22 6:30ET on Fox.
The New England Patriots and Denver Broncos game played in  Foxborough, Mass. was won by the Patriots 45-10, an impressive show by Quarterback Tom Brady, six TD for 363 yards. Tim Tebow's day was not so good, 9-26 136 yards passing. The Tebowmania had a nice run, but as the saying goes, everything good must come to an end. New England advances to the AFC Championship game, and will face the winner of the Houston Texans, Baltimore Ravens game played today in Baltimore at 1:00ET on CBS.

My Picks for Saturdays Divisional games.
49ers over the Saints.  WIN!
Patriots over Broncos.WIN!

The Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans met back on Oct.16 at Baltimore, with the Ravens winning 29-14. Joe Flacco will have a big game at home, Anquan Boldin looks like he will play, Ray Rice and Torrey Smith, will be hard to stop.
Houston Texans J.J. Watt, also nicknamed the Milkman, is a rookie from the Wisconsin Badgers. Watt had a 29 yard pick six in last weeks wild card game against the Bengals. I don't see this game being close. I am picking The Ravens 31-20

The Green Bay Packers are hosting the New York Giants at legendary Lambeau Field in the second game today at 4:30ET on Fox. I wrote an article earlier this week, with my thoughts on this weeks game, so you can get the details here. The Packers will advance to the NFC Championship, 34-20

My Picks
  1. Baltimore Ravens over Houston Texans, 31-20 
  2. Green Bay Packers over New York Giants, 34-20
  3. Good Luck!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

NFL Playoff Game Day Predictions

Here we are at the divisional playoff weekend, the hype and the usual trash talking, predictions and player guaranteed win talk, make for interesting reading, First off my thoughts on these games are going to be short and sweet, no rambling about stats, today is game day for two Match ups.
First off the New Orleans Saints are on the road at the San Francisco 49ers and Candlestick Park, the Saints have had some success rushing to compliment there record breaking passing game. I don't see that happening against the number one rushing defense of the 49ers, the Saints Drew Brees will have put up big numbers passing, for the Saints to win.
Jim Harbaugh first year coach for the 49ers, has done a great job turning the team around. Harbaugh signed a 5 year deal, in January 2011. I think the 49ers at home, and the way Harbaugh has the team on a roll, I think it will continue this weekend. So my Prediction is 49ers in close one, 23-20

The second game, the Denver Broncos at New England Patriots will be a match up the Super bowl Veteran Quarterback of the Patriots Tom Brady, and Broncos QB Tim Tebow, will it be Tebow time once again? This game will also showcase the Quarterback position, Tebow mania is at an all time  high going into today's game. The two met back in December, Tom Brady led the Patriots to a 41-23 win. I look for The Patriots Tom Brady to have a  big game, Tebow time will give the Broncos a chance to move on, but will come up short, maybe next year! My Prediction is Patriots 31-24.

My Picks
  1. San Francisco 49ers over New Orleans Saints, 23-20  Today on FOX 4:30 ET
  2. New England Patriots over Denver Broncos, 31-24    Today on CBS 8:00 ET
  3. More Picks Sunday! Jan-15 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Packers Defensive Scheme Spells Trouble?

Sunday may expose the theory, Defense wins games in the NFL. Packers rank dead last  on defense,412 yards given up, compared to the Giants 377, and the media has been running with those statistics, the whole second half of the season.
Fans and media have questioned, why is Dom Capers sticking to the same plan? one of the questions we here most, is why do we give receivers so much room, off the line of scrimmage! this has always bugged me, and sure it bothers many arm chair Quarterbacks.
Take them out of their routes, mess with there timing, give our pass rush, and Clay Matthews that extra second to make the big play!

On offense we can score allot of points, and we score fast, is that good?
What happens when the Offense struggles, like the Chiefs game. The Defense may not always win games, which in the packers case, has shown they can win. The time of Possession has been very lopsided, not in our favor, which can be a big factor, leaving the defense run down near the end of the game.

Many times Aaron Rodgers has been caught on camera, looking disgusted, after a quick score by the Opponents, putting pressure for the offense to go out make another big drive. I wrote a post previously, about how the defense needs changes. I think Dom Capers will pull some tricks on defense, lets hope he has something up his sleeve, and the Packers show that maybe the defense does win Games.

Mike McCarthy's Packers have came to play all season, let's hope Dom Capers plan is a good one!
The weather in Green Bay can be a factor, but may not effect the Giants, like it would the  49er's or the Saints. I am still holding to my Prediction, from a previous article. Packers 34-20

You can find a live Packers web cast schedule Here!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brewers Sign Gomez To One Year Deal

The Milwaukee Brewers have come to terms with center fielder Carlos Gomez on a one year contract.
Gomez is the second Brewer to avoid arbitration, according to Fox Sports.com's Jon Paul Morosi the agreement is for close to $2 Million, Gomez earned approximately $1.5Million last season.

Gomez 26, was part of a center field rotation, with most of his playing time coming against left handed pitching,
Gomez broke his collarbone and missed most of the later part of the season, returning to platoon with Nyjer Morgan, and had an impressive post season going 5-17 and scoring the wining run in the 10th inning of game 5 of the NLDS.

The Brewers still have Six eligible for arbitration, after avoiding arbitration with backup Catcher George kottaras, who signed for a reported $700,000 from his previous $450,000.
Nyjer Morgan, who platooned with Carlos Gomez in center, and also played in Left and Right field is also eligible, as our Francisco Rodriguez who is reportedly looking at around 13-14 Million, Rodriguez could possibly be traded before the start of the season, to help lower the payroll.

The remaining players are Starting Pitcher Shaun Marcum, Relievers Kameron Loe, Manny Parra, and Jose Veras.
The players unsigned on Jan. 18, can exchange figures and continue to negotiate until there arbitration date in February. Brewers tickets available here

Monday, January 9, 2012

Packers Odds versus Giants

The Packers are giving up nearly 9 Points, in early Odds. according to oddsshark which will fluctuate as the week progresses. The Packers also are facing a totally different team than there last meeting.

"There's more to Tom Coughlin's team than Manning and his talented pool of receivers. New York has rediscovered its defense and found its running game. This is once again a complete team, much like the team that came into Green Bay in early 2008 and captured the NFC Conference title with an overtime victory on a brutally cold evening."
Now it's back to Green Bay. New York played there last season with a playoff spot at stake, and were blown out. The Packers beat the Giants this season, in New York back on December 4th, 38-35 on a last minute drive, ending with a Mason Crosby 31yd Field Goal, and 0.58left.

The Packers are going into the Giants game with Greg Jennings expected to play, and Clay Matthews, Charles Woodson, Aaron Rodgers, well rested, and a Lambeau Field that should be in great shape because of the beautiful weather Wisconsin has this winter. 

I am going to make an early prediction, the Giants and Eli Manning looked good against the Falcons, The packers Mike McCarthy and his coaching staff, remember there last meeting and will adjust, I think they will more than cover the spread. Packers 34-20

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Brees Saints Fly over Lions

The New Orleans Saints marched over the Detroit Lions in New Orleans 45-28 Saturday night, in another record setting performance, Drew Brees completed 33 of 43 passes for 466 yards and 3TDs, the 466 yards being the most in a playoff game. the Saints gained a total 627 yards on offense.
Darren Sproles ran for 2 TDs with 51 yards in 10 carries.

The Lions scored first on a 10 yard Touchdown to Will Heller for the only score in the first Quarter, The Saints Darren Sproles ran for a 2 yard TD to tie the game at 7-7, the Lions added a 13yd touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford to All Pro Calvin Johnson, who would end up with 2TDs and 211 yards receiving, to make it 14- 7 Lions, New Orleans added a field goal to make it 14-10 Lions at Halftime.

The Saints went on a scoring spree in the second half with 2 TDs in the 3rd Quarter and 3 TDs in the 4th. Saints Coach Sean Payton said the records are great,but there focus is on winning.
Matthew Stafford Threw for 380 Yards and 3TDs but it was not enough to keep up with the high Flying Saints. Jim Swartz Lions have lost 7 straight post season games including this one, there first post season game since 1999.

The New Orleans Saints will now travel to meet the San Francisco 49ers next Saturday, Jan 14 in the second round.
The Green Bay Packers will host the Winner of the Atlanta falcons - New York Giants Game,  on Sun., Jan. 15, 4:30 PM ET FOX

Friday, January 6, 2012

Packers Season Tickets waiting list

The Green Bay Packers season-ticket list is growing by Lambeau Field leaps and bounds these days, Packers reported Thursday the waiting list has swelled to over 96,000 from last years 87,000. another product of there success, which was written in my post Thursday, titled Green Bay Packers success equals losses the difference is the Packers have a Win, with these numbers.

Here are some facts, of 32 teams in the league, 24 claim to have to have from under 1,000 to over 150,000 on season ticket waiting lists.
for some fans, that can mean decades, not years on a waiting list, Good luck my friends.

The Packers Stadium is under construction, which is to add an additional 6700 seats and other improvements, the new seats, scheduled to be completed for the 2013 season, will more than likely not lower the Season ticket numbers, if last year's rate of requests continues into the future.

Okay, my Season ticket Postcard arrived sometime last fall, I just went and pulled it from my pile of postcards, and my number is 22988 Wow! not bad considering my number was 30833 initially.
A Form can be found here, to get on the list, for Green Bay Packers season tickets.

The Packers season ticket list is long! yes, but it feels good to share with you, that I am proud to be on the Ticket list of America's Team, your Green Bay Packers! and there's your DAGGEEERRRR!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Green Bay Packers success equals losses

The Green Bay Packers are a one of a kind sports Franchise, but the Packers are no different than any major sports team, which is they are the victims of there own success!
The Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin will interview with the Kansas City Chiefs for their head coaching job, according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter citing a Green Bay source.

The Packers Reggie McKenzie, also is expected to interview for several General Manager jobs, including the Oakland Raiders and reported possible Chicago Bears.
Reggie McKenzie is a possible candidate for the Bears General Managers job.
Jerry Angelo the Bears GM, was fired Tuesday. Because the Packers gave McKenzie permission to interview with the Raiders, he’s free to interview with other teams as well, Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times Reported, citing an unnamed source.

The Packers Mike McCarthy is having a press conference at 11:40a.m. Central today, you can watch it Live, or later at The Green Bay Packers Official Website

The Packers our practicing today, and will have a long weekend off, and should return next week well rested and Healthy for there Run for the Super Bowl Trophy!

If the Pack does loose some personal to the product of there success, they and the fans Win! in my opinion there is no Franchise in Sports, and probably never will be, as Great, as the Green Bay Packers. And there's yourrr Daggeeerrrr!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prince Fielders Landing gear Down? Yet

Baseball fans are wondering when and where, Prince Fielder will land, and wondering, and Wondering! some more. I sure hope we have some new deals in the Baseball pipeline soon, because the Prince plane is running Low on  fuel.

It seems from everything I can find that The Nationals are the ones controlling where Prince will Land, can anyone tell us if there is any construction at Washington Dulles International Airport? maybe that is the holdup. 

Prince deserves the best, I personally have enjoyed watching him play in Milwaukee, and you knew when you were at Miller Park watching the BrewersPrince Fielder was going to play! there you might see a tape Measure Homerun Shot off the Scoreboard! Wow.

maybe by the time this is posted, there will be some big news for us Baseball fans, it's not about the Money! for us Fans, it's about BaseballGO BREWERS 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Green Bay Packers Matt Flynn has Record Game

The Stage was set for the Packers backup Quarterback Matt Flynn, after Mike McCarthy announced Aaron Rodgers would sit out the final regular season game.

For Flynn, it was a huge day, 6 Touchdowns, 480Yards Passing, the 6 TD's being a new Packers single game Record! the comeback victory in only his second professional start, was not what the Lambeau crowd expected! Fans were quiet early on, as the game played on the cheers grew louder!

The Packers Players could sense a magical ending, rallying around the smiling Matt Flynn.
What a way to start the new year, Flynn's performance could eventually lead to a significant payday. A seventh-round pick out of LSU in 2008, Flynn already had the attention of general managers around the league after he nearly beat New England last season while Rodgers was recovering from a concussion.

Now he has a huge performance and a victory under his belt, and he'll become a free agent in the offseason. Time will tell if indeed Matt Flynn moves on up! but I am glad he is on our side for now.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Packers win first Super Bowl and last one?

Happy New Year! everyone!

The Green Bay Packers won the very first Super Bowl, which is pretty much common knowledge,
what we don't know is, if the Packers win the Super Bowl in 2012 will it be the last ever, Super Bowl?

According to the Mayan Calendar December 21, 2012 is the last day. The Maya, who lived in southern Mexico and Central America, were highly developed in mathematics and astronomy. The Mayan calendar involves a cycle of about 5,000 years, and on Dec. 21, 2012, it starts again at zero.

I don't know how many people believe in these kind of predictions, (obviously) there are many followers of these beliefs because of the constant news of this doomsday prediction.

Okay now here's my feelings on this, I have to say these predictions do make for interesting reading,
but there are others who claim that the Mayans never did predict Doomsday, so let's put this to bed,
I do not believe that 2012 is the END.

I want to wish the Packers and Brewers the best of Luck in 2012 and beyond!