Monday, December 19, 2011

Packers Limp back home

Packers played like a team not making the Playoffs, Injuries hurt also, but there poor tackling, penalties and  seemed like lack of preparation or game plan, had them running around clueless.

Chiefs coaches had them ready to play, Packers defense is rated last or close to it and showed why!
The Packers chances in the playoffs will stand on the Defensive coach's to step it up and get tackles instead of trying to strip the ball, just one of many problems us armchair Quarterbacks can see.

The Pack is still the Team to beat! but Sundays loss shows any team can win on any given Day if they come to Play!! Mark

1 comment:

  1. This game was hard to watch! Rodgers was getting killed back there! When he did get a good pass off Finley would drop it. Hey, I'll give you one, maybe two, but four drops. Come on man!
    The defense gave up way to many yards again! They couldn't get to Orton and they continue to give up big plays.