Friday, December 23, 2011

Packers Finley Catching Heat unwanted

Packers tight end Jermichael Finley is catching heat, not the heat thrown from Aaron Rodgers.
Finley has enraged many fans with dropped balls lately, I agree to a degree but there is a fine line in my opinion on drops, some passes are thrown behind or low or turn receivers around just in time to get hands on a ball.

The Receiver gets a lot of Praise when he makes a spectacular catch but fans are Quick to forget!
Quarterbacks on the other hand can throw a long ball up and the player runs underneath makes a great catch and the announcers go GaGa over how good a pass it was. What do you think? Mark

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  1. Dropped balls are part of the game. Finley dropped a few very catchable balls that killed drives and were big momentum changers. Is he a gifted tight end / receiver? Of course! He made a spectacular catch later in the game, and if he would have dropped that one it would have been too bad but not a huge blunder. The early drops were a lack of concentration. That's why Finley can drive you crazy sometimes. He makes a great catch a you go, Wow! Then a pass bounces off his hands and you go, Crap!