Friday, December 30, 2011

Packers Lions Who Wins!

It's pretty clear now the Packers are not playing to win! or maybe they are and think benching a bag full of starters is a win even if they lose! by resting there starters, we Packer fans do think the Packs depth is second to none, in my opinion!

Mike McCarthy will pull a few tricks out of that bag, I expect to see different looks on both sides of the ball, throwing a little meat out there to get the hungry Lions to take the bait! Matt Flynn will take over for Rodgers early, I look for Flynn to play well enough to showcase himself as a starter somewhere else next year! the Packers have had how many? QB's, go on to be starters in the NFL, enough said.

Clay Matthews & Charles Woodson are listed as Questionable. Jennings, Starks, Cobb, Out.
I guess we will see who can play, and who wants to Sunday. Go Packers!!

Lions have allot to play for, the #5 seed, and to get the 20 year losing streak, at Lambeau field off there back!

I Thank you! for reading my blog and your opinions.  Mark

Time for a Prediction! I say Packers 27-21.
a victory over the defending Super Bowl champion Packers would give the club the No. 5 playoff seed and a presumably less-strenuous road date with the NFC East representative, either the New York Giants or Dallas, next weekend.

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a victory over the defending Super Bowl champion Packers would give the club the No. 5 playoff seed and a presumably less-strenuous road date with the NFC East representative, either the New York Giants or Dallas, next weekend.

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a victory over the defending Super Bowl champion Packers would give the club the No. 5 playoff seed and a presumably less-strenuous road date with the NFC East representative, either the New York Giants or Dallas, next weekend.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Packers Offensive Line who plays?

Packers Mike McCarthy wants Chad Clifton to be ready to play, that's great we need some depth at the line, but Chad has not played since like week 5, how many snaps can he play?

Detroit is coming at us full Tilt! you can bet on it, will our line be up for this onslaught, and how long will Rodgers play? very interesting questions remain for this match up. I say stay with Newhouse, he has performed well and has more than helped the packers Offensive line get the Pack to 14-1. give Clifton some snaps and shake the rust off, but if we have any more injuries he will have to play.

I have to say Jermichael Finley has thrown a wrench into things also, does he want to play or not? for all the flack he has taken for dropped balls and such, I am starting to wonder who he is, for someone wanting a big contract he has to show his worth, in my opinion he is not doing that, plain and simple.

Let's here what you have to say! and GOOO! PACKKEEERRRRS!!  cornymark

Check out my short video below, Thanks. Mark

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Brewers Wish List

 The Weather outside is delightful! 40+ this week here in Wisconsin, which is why I thought that maybe a Brewer discussion would be in order. I have been scouring the web looking for any news on baseball, as you know there is not much out there . Update! click here

 This weather is giving me the Baseball fever, no snow and 40+ temps, and a week between Packer games, drives me crazy! what about you? Lets get it Started!! Already.  cornymark
Happy Brewer Buddy's!
Pictured left to right.
Me, Phil, Bryan, and Ticket Master, Denny. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Packers Defense needs Changes

The Packers defense looked similar to last week, one positive is the low points given up, but 441 yards to a Bears team playing a 3rd string Quarterback that had not played in a couple of years. Come on Man!

The time of possession was lopsided once again! which is not always a factor if you can put up a lot of points, The long Passing scores are nice, but we need some ball control playing good teams! or we take the chance of an early exit in the Playoffs.

The Packers are still the team to Beat! in my opinion, but the defense needs a new game plan! and has to step it up a couple notch's to get to the ultimate Goal!  Mark

Friday, December 23, 2011

Packers Finley Catching Heat unwanted

Packers tight end Jermichael Finley is catching heat, not the heat thrown from Aaron Rodgers.
Finley has enraged many fans with dropped balls lately, I agree to a degree but there is a fine line in my opinion on drops, some passes are thrown behind or low or turn receivers around just in time to get hands on a ball.

The Receiver gets a lot of Praise when he makes a spectacular catch but fans are Quick to forget!
Quarterbacks on the other hand can throw a long ball up and the player runs underneath makes a great catch and the announcers go GaGa over how good a pass it was. What do you think? Mark

Monday, December 19, 2011

Packers Limp back home

Packers played like a team not making the Playoffs, Injuries hurt also, but there poor tackling, penalties and  seemed like lack of preparation or game plan, had them running around clueless.

Chiefs coaches had them ready to play, Packers defense is rated last or close to it and showed why!
The Packers chances in the playoffs will stand on the Defensive coach's to step it up and get tackles instead of trying to strip the ball, just one of many problems us armchair Quarterbacks can see.

The Pack is still the Team to beat! but Sundays loss shows any team can win on any given Day if they come to Play!! Mark

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Milwaukee Brewers John Axford Pay raise $

Hello Brewers fans, John Axford and Joey Votto shared the Tip O'Neill Award , The award is named after Woodstock, Ontario native James "Tip" O'Neill, who starred for the St. Louis Browns in the late 1800s, which is given annually by the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. Link
I have read in some news feeds that maybe the Brewers would up Axe's salary to show appreciation for his record setting season, I think, I mean I should say we know the Brewers would not have made it to the post season without the Axman. I hope the Axe, has another record season. Mark

Weather in Wisconsin

I have to say our weather in most of Wisconsin has been unusually warm for this time of year!
which makes some people happy, then others who ice fish and snowmobile are not happy at all.

The kids of course want snow for Christmas! so where do you stand on the weather?
I think the inevitable is coming soon according to the short term forecast, so if your traveling for the holidays in Wisconsin you can find information on Road Conditions here.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday Season!  Mark

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Packers Health better this year

Packers health holding up great compared to last season, The hope is we can stay that way through the playoffs and to the ultimate Goal. Greg Jennings getting healthy in time for playoffs is top of my list.
Ryan Grant was looking very nice Sunday, I hope James Starks will be able to contribute also, he just keeps on running after contact!  Lets here what you think! Mark

Monday, December 12, 2011

Ramirez Brewers New 3rd Basemen

Hello, The brewers have Aramis Ramirez for 3 years and another pitcher Veras, Casey is gone! I am sorry to see Casey go but he was given more chances than I would given him. I hope he has a better year in 2012.
 I would like to know your thoughts on the Ryan Braun Appeal, and your recommendations for  first Base.  Mark

Brewers Packers news

Hello Everyone! this is my first Blog, I hope to get some good discussion and opinions on our teams and have some fun doing it. I thank everyone in advance and will listen to advice on learning to Blog. I will post something soon! Mark